19" LED Grand Piano Lamp – Antique Brass


Simple and ElegantThe 19″ Adjustable LED Grand Piano Lamp features a powder-coated antique brass finish. The powder coating will ensure a lifetime of use, free from scratching and marring. This lamp was rolled, polished, buffed, sprayed and inspected for maximum quality. Cocoweb LED lighting technology puts the this piano lamp in a class of its own, unmatched by any other similar lights on the market. This lamp gives sheet music illumination a leap in energy efficiency and provides lighting that resembles natural sunlight. The LED diodes are pre-installed in this lamp and consume less than half the electricity of traditional light bulbs while providing ample illumination. Led Technology All of our piano lamps use advanced LED technology to get you the most light for your purchase. Each node has a warm color temperature of 2700k and an average burn time of 50,000 hours. Dimmer The included dimmer gives you the option to set the brightness of your lamp to your desired taste. The dimmer plugs in directly to the back of the lamp with a five inch cord, making it easy to control and always keeping it close by. The other end of the dimmer is attached to the wall adapter, which has a total length of ten feet and a discrete ultra thin cord, allowing plenty of roaming space for this lamp. Adjustable Height This piano light fixture has an adjustable height feature with a curved neck that swivels, allowing for ample illumination while playing your piano. You may adjust the height of the lamp by moving the clamp up and down for an adjustment range of up to 2 inches. Adjustable Shade The 19″ Adjustable LED Grand Piano Lamp comes with a 19″ swivel shade design that allows light to be directed however you need it. Fits Most Pianos The felt-lined clamp base measures 5-5/8″ by 2-1/2″ and adjusts from 1-1/2″ to 3/8″; with a factory formed opening for the 10-foot black cord. This lamp will fit most pianos from major brands such as Yamaha, Steinway, Boston, Baldwin, Bosendorfer, Suzuki, Roland, Kawai, Casio as well as other piano brands. If you’re in need of piano lights for baby grand, look no further!

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