1997 97 Dodge Ram Truck ECM PCM Engine Control Module

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This part (1997 97 Dodge Ram Truck ECM PCM Engine Control Module) is compatible with:- 1997 Dodge Ram TruckPlease Note:If your part is not listedCall 1-888-875-2958(We’ll probably have it in-stock offline)This listing covers all motor sizes,transmissions,and emissions types.If you don’t like wasting time, then the Plug-and-Play ECU/PCM module is the perfect choice for you! It’s completely quality assured and allows you to drive away after simply plugging it in. It doesn’t even require a trip to the dealership, it really is that easy!Upon ordering, the ECU will be updated with the most recent software patches from Dodge and will be specially programmed to match your car’s mileage and vehicle identification number (VIN). Aside from that, there isn’t any additional programming required.So, how exactly does this work? Let’s take a closer look at the steps:1. You place your ECM/PCM order and send your payment to us.2. From there, we ship the item to you with a return label (pre-paid) with the shipment.3. Once received, you’ll send your old ECM/PCM into us4. At that point, you’re done! The 1 year warranty will begin only after we receive the old computer.The part numbers in stock are below:56040440AA, 56040440AB, 56040440AC, 56040440AD, 05278334ABWhy Dodge?If you want to know more about the company, start out on Wikipedia. It’s there where you’ll find a great place to begin when studying the company’s history: from its humble beginnings all the way to the Daimler-Chrysler era. Looking a bit deeper will show you just how much the company’s been on the forefront of automotive history, such as their military vehicle designs or the numerous concept cars that have come out of its assembly lines. The site has a timeline that’ll make it easy to visualize all the milestones they’ve passed throughout the decades. Wikipedia truly is a great place to get info on anything related to the brand.Little Known Facts About DodgeWhile most people can recognize the iconic ram that emblazons the company’s trucks, few know its history and how it came to be. It’s an icon that’s been used extensively in the company’s vehicles as far back as the early 1930s, and is still one of the greatest symbols of their trucks’ ruggedness.The creator was a man named Avard T. Fairbanks, who had called in Mr. Chrysler to take a look at three drawings he had made of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. The charging ram he designed was an unstoppable force that had no rival upon the cliffs of the Rocky Mountains. He told Chrysler that nobody could challenge a charging ram and that the first thing that’d pop into peoples’ minds upon seeing one would be to DODGE it. From that point on, the Ram symbol has become synonymous with the company’s tough trucks.

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