1998 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ECM PCM Engine Control Module

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1998 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ECM PCM Engine Control ModuleThis part is compatible with:- 1998 Jeep Grand CherokeesPlease Note:If your part is not listedCall 1-888-875-2958(We’ll probably have it in-stock offline)This listing covers all motor sizes,transmissions,and emissions types.Plug-and-Play Module: No visit to the dealership required. Simply put it in and drive away!Your part will be programmed to your match your vehicle identification number, as well as the mileage. The latest software updates will be installed. No additional programming or effort will be required.How it works:1. Pay us for the module.2. Your order is shipped with a pre-paid return label.3. You return your old product.4. You receive a 1 year warranty, beginning when we receive your old product.The part numbers in stock are below:56041515AA, 56041515AB, 56041515AC, 56041515AD, 56041515AE,56041517AA, 56041517AB, 56041517AC, 56041517AD, 56041517AE,56041519AA, 56041519AB, 56041519AC, 56041519AD, 56041519AE,56041519AF, 56041519AG, 56041545AA, 56041545AB, 56041545AC,56041545AD, 56041576AA, 56041576AB, 56041576AC, 56041576AA,56041576AB, 56041840AA, 56044513AA, 56044513AB, 56044513AC,56041576AB, 56044514AA, 56044514AB, 56044514AC, 56044514AD,56041580AAJeep Grand Cherokee Fun FactJeep Grand Cherokee is an SUV that has earned more rewards than any other automobile in its class. Now, it has three more wins to add to its award collection. One of the most recent accolades given to the Grand Cherokee is the 2013 Full-Size/Luxury SUV Best Buy from Consumer’s Digest. Other recent awards include the highly coveted Ward’s 10 Best Engines and the SUV of Texas from Texas Auto Writers Association for three years in a row.Do It Yourself TipThe power control module is a computer processor at the center of a vehicle’s functions. It controls the engine, transmission and electronic devices, such as power windows and locks, and normally it’s reliable and doesn’t need to be replaced. Inside its housing, the PCM is protected by a layer of potting compound that prevents it from overheating, and over the years, this compound expands and contracts many times, which can cause problems on some vehicles.For example, a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM has been known to cause intermittent stalling while driving as a result of years of expansion and contraction of its potting compound. For any DIYers interested in solving this problem cheaply, the solution is not too difficult. It requires soldering as well as removing and reapplying the potting compound of the PCM.Materials You Will NeedYou’re going to need to gather the following materials, and you may need to purchase a few tools especially for this project. A soldering iron shouldn’t be too expensive, and it only needs to burn in the range of 25 to 40 watts. Aside from the solder and wicking, the rest of the materials you will probably have lying around the house.- A soldering iron- Solder- Wicking- Silicone caulking- Acetone- A brass wire-bristle brush- A propane torchThe solder needs to be rather thin, about 0.20-inch gauge. The wire-bristle brush must be made of brass as steel is too abrasive for this project. The caulking must be silicone, not latex, and you will use the acetone to remove the excess compound from the motherboard.Soldering the Faulty Motherboard PinsThe 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ECM develops problems when several of the motherboard pins fail to connect properly with the processor. All you have to do is remove the metal housing containing the motherboard and PCM, solder the pins properly and replace the metal housing. It’s not necessary to seal the motherboard back inside the housing the way it was assembled at the factory. You can drive around with the motherboard fastened down by the torx screws alone.Remove the battery and radiator overflow container to access the PCM housing, then disassemble the housing and, using vice grips, hold up the side of the housing containing the motherboard. Heat the back of the housing with a propane torch until the potting compound inside liquefies enough for you to remove the motherboard. Dip the wire-bristle brush into a little acetone and gently scrape away the protective film covering the three faulty motherboard pins on the back of the motherboard. Now, all you have to do is solder the faulty pins and replace the motherboard and housing in the engine compartment.

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