2002 02 Chrysler PT Cruiser ECM PCM Engine Control Module

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This part (2002 02 Chrysler PT Cruiser ECM PCM Engine Control Module) is compatible with:- 2002 Chrysler PT CruiserPlease Note:If your part is not listedCall 1-888-875-2958(We’ll probably have it in-stock offline)This listing covers all motor sizes,transmissions,and emissions types.The Module is Plug-and-Play so you only need to insert it into the drive, and you are done. You will not need to stop by a dealer.The part will arrive fully programmed specifically for the VIN and mileage. It will work immediately upon installation. Chrysler’s most recent software updates will have already been applied and no other programming will be necessary.Once you have paid for the module, we will ship it to you with a pre-paid return label. Use this label to send back your old computer. As soon as we receive your old computer your 1 year warranty will commence.What You Need To Know About The Chrysler PT CruiserThe Chrysler PT Cruiser was a very successful vehicle that was sold on the market for about 10 years. It was so successful that it became one of Chrysler’s most popular cars of all time. There were several reasons for its popularity.First of all, it differentiated itself from the competitors in its niche through its retro design. Whereas most cars in its niche were designed in a more modern, innovative way, the Chrysler PT Cruiser had a distinctive retro look. Many people liked this difference and bought the vehicle for that reason alone.Thanks to this retro design, the very first public showing of the Chrysler PT Cruiser generated lots of press attention. This generated word-of-mouth buzz. Though there was the Volkswagen Beetle which also had a retro look, there were no other retro-designed cars. This gave the Chrysler PT Cruiser a competitive edge. Some even say that the Chrysler PT Cruiser carved its own market niche that no other vehicle has entered.Second reason for Chrysler PT’s popularity was the high quality engineering that gave it excellent traction. This translated into amazing driving experience and excellent durability. The vehicle could last for many years without the need for major repairs.The part numbers in stock are below:05033664AB, 05033664AC, 05033665AB, 05033665AC, 05033665AE,05033666AB, 05033666AC, 05033666AE

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