2233 205/45R17 XL High Performance Tire


Achilles 2233. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Summer weather traction Enhanced controllability Higher comfort levels High speed durability. OVERVIEW: The Achilles 2233 is a high performance summer tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.The model offers superb summer weather traction. The silica-based tire compound and the asymmetric tread design improve the dry and wet weather traction greatly. The model cannot be used in winter weather, as the tire compound loses its excellent flexibility in colder temperature situations. The wide circumferential grooves and open shoulder tread design enhance the hydroplaning resistance by dispersing water from below the tire footprint. The better hydroplaning and remarkable summer traction ensure a safer driving experience.The special asymmetric tread pattern also boosts the handling and maneuvering. The wide and solid center rib increases the models road contact. The steering responsiveness and driving stability are enhanced in this way. The steering becomes quick and precise to the drivers commands, while the tires structure is stabilized against the external driving pressure affecting it. The broad shoulder tread design improves the cornering and maneuvering ability. The shoulder tread blocks increase the number of biting edges in such situations, ensuring exceptional controllability.The tire offers a comfortable and quiet driving experience. The optimized tread pattern reduces the road noise levels heard while the tires are in motion. They negate the sound waves generated during the drive and offer a road noise free drive. The tires strengthened internal structure boosts the comfort levels greatly. They allow the model to closely follow the road surface constantly and they prevent deformation during the drive. The maintained road contact decreases the road vibrations felt in the vehicles cabin, guaranteeing an enjoyable drive.The 2233 features a reinforced internal structure. The stronger breaker and cap ply materials boost the high speed performance. They stabilize the tire against the centrifugal force and upgrade its resistance to deformation under the high speed driving pressure. The maintained optimal tire shape promotes a first-rate high speed performing capability.

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