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Fly, bee free! Bee Local’s happy honeybees roam freely around their Pacific Northwest neighborhoods, picking up a little pollen here, a little pollen there. Each batch has a unique flavor, texture and complexity. Here’s what they do have in common: They’re never treated, adulterated or micro-filtered. So what you get is healthy, pollen-rich and flavorful honey.

We were instantly obsessed with these bright, light, portable honey sticks as soon as we saw them. Who wouldn’t want to slurp golden, sticky honey through a straw?!

Just bite or pinch one end and squeeze to open.

tip of the tongue

Stash a few sticks in a desk drawer to drizzle into afternoon tea. Keep one handy at all times in case, like us, you find yourself hours away from a meal but in desperate need of a little sweet energy. Kids love ’em too, so they’re great for (ahem) mood emergencies!

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