Dirt Commander M/T 33X12.50R15 C (6 Ply) Mud Terrain Tire


Centennial Dirt Commander M/T. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Mud terrain traction Off-road capability Self-cleaning tread design All weather traction Improved controllability Prevention of sidewall punctures . OVERVIEW: The Centennial Dirt Commander M/T is a mud terrain all season tire manufactured for SUV and light truck vehicles.The tire has great mud terrain traction and it is capable of conquering all muddy, soft or loose road surfaces. The aggressive symmetrical tread pattern with the high void ratio between the tread elements helps, and the wider road contact patch maintains the models mud traction and allows it to perform well both in mud and on other off-road conditions. The broad shoulder lugs ensure good traction even in the harshest terrains and road conditions. The shoulder lugs offer rocky and mountain terrain traction, making the tire perfect for drivers looking for versatility in their tires.The model offers great all weather traction. The aggressive tread patterns superb road grip is efficient on all terrain surfaces and in dry, wet and winter weather conditions. The tread patterns high void areas eliminate water, mud and slush from between the tread elements, actively resisting hydroplaning and cleaning out the tread grooves for maintained traction. The shoulder lugs also help improve traction as they eject rocks stuck between the shoulder tread blocks. The constantly clean tread and the excellent road grip offer safety year round.The tire is easy to control and offers exceptional steering responsiveness. The optimized void ratio of the tread design and the special shoulder lugs enhance the steering precision and accuracy of the tire and stabilize it against the driving pressure. The upgraded stability prevents the tire from shaking under the driving force affecting it, which provides a safer drive. The steering responsiveness increases the controllability, allowing more control over the tire. All of this results in the models effortless handling.The Dirt Commander M/T was designed with raised shoulder tread blocks in its tread pattern. These tread blocks protect the tires sidewalls from accidental damages and punctures, making the tire safer to use on off-road conditions.The intended purpose of Mud Terrain tire types is off-road use. They are not designed for regular highway driving.

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