Heirloom Lemon White Wine Vinegar


Whoa. This bottle of vinegar caught our eye and made us swoon – gorgeous typography, cork and sealing wax. Then we tasted and more whoa-ing inevitably ensued.

Mikuni Wild Harvest is brilliant because they blend traditional craft with innovative flavors. Tonic 04 starts with white wine vinegar produced using the traditional Orleans method – aged for five years in oak barrels then infused with both the peel and pith of Pharoah’s lemon. This heirloom fruit has a similar sugar content to Meyer lemons, but with a more complex flavor. The finished vinegar is sweet and spicy with hints of lemon, orange peel and cedar.  

Bring a bottle of this vinegar instead of wine to your next dinner party – it’s a stunning gift.

tip of the tongue

This is ideal for delicate greens like mesclun or butter lettuces. We also like to add a generous splash when poaching salmon or chicken. Bon Appetit Test Kitchen Editor Janet McCracken suggests mixing this blend with seltzer and treating it like a drinking vinegar.

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