Likao Kula Hawai’i Bar


Bean-to-bar chocolate from Hawaii? Aloha!

Hawaii is the only place in the United States where cacao can grow. So we were thrilled when we discovered this chocolate. Not only does Madre use lightly-processed, high-antioxidant cacao beans grown in Hawaii – makers David Elliot and Nat Bletter also seek out Hawaiian-grown vanilla, passionfruit and even tea for their flavored bars. The result is this Single Estate Hawaiian 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, whisking you away on a flavorful South Pacific tropical breeze. 

Show your love of country by nibbling on a delicious bar completely grown in and made on U.S. soil. Close your eyes. Take a bite. Drift away. Mahalo.

Tip of the Tongue

Enjoy with anything coconutty for the true islander experience. Melt it into heated up coconut milk for a beach-y hot cocoa, and top with shaved coconut. Or chop and add to coconut ice cream for a chill post-beach treat.

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