Monoprice Backlit Macro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w/2 Port USB Hub and Headset/Mic Jacks- Cherry MX Red (Open Box)


Open Box merchandise are products that have been purchased and delivered to other customers, and then returned to Monoprice. Due to the varying quality of products returned, we make every attempt to supply the original accessories for Open Box products. However, Monoprice only guarantees that you will receive the product itself, accessories may or may not be included. Bear in mind that your open box product may not contain cables, adaptors, manuals, CDs, drivers, etc. Additionally, the product may exhibit cosmetic imperfections as a result of its having been previously opened.

Get the edge on your competition with this Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Monoprice!

Our primary form of interaction with our computers is through the keyboard, yet it is the one device that most of us take for granted. We blithely go on using whatever cheap, mushy feeling keyboards that came with our PCs. Yet, the difference between an ordinary membrane type keyboard and one with mechanical switches is astronomical.

Membrane style keyboards typically have a minimal travel distance. To register the keystroke the key must be completely depressed, yet instead of a positive feeling of bottoming out the key, it produces a mushy feeling with no tactile sensation of a full keypress. Because of the requirement to bottom out the key to get it to register and the lack of tactile feedback, a membrane keyboard can result in greater hand and finger fatigue and can even contribute to carpal tunnel issues.

On the other hand a mechanical keyboard uses physical switches for each key. The switches have longer travel, yet can register a keystroke without requiring full depression, depending on which type of switch is used. This allows gamers to "double-tap" more easily and allows for faster typing. This keyboard uses the industry leading Cherry Red MX switches, which are require the least amount of force to actuate the switch. The switches are gold plated to prevent corrosion and have a life cycle of over 50 million keypresses, which is 5-10x more than that of a conventional membrane keyboard.

Another advantage of this mechanical keyboard is that it supports "N-key rollover". Each switch is individually monitored so that each keypress is registered properly, even though other keys are being actuated at the same time. Typical membrane keyboards and most mechanical keyboards with a USB interface only support 6-key rollover (maximum 6 keys registering at a time), but this model supports 64-key rollover, which allows for complex gaming combos as well as faster touch typing with fewer errors.

This keyboard includes a built-in macro capability with support for 5 sets of up to 50 macros each. The keyboard features a soft-touch, rubberized surface for maximum comfort. An attachable wrist rest helps ensure that your hands are at the proper angle for efficient typing and reduces fatigue and stress related issues.

Each key is backlit with a red LED, which allows the keys to be easily identified in low-lighting conditions. The illumination level is adjustable to five levels, including a setting which cycles between minimum and maximum illumination levels.

The keyboard includes a 2-port USB 2.0 hub along with convenient connections for headset/speakers and microphone. It connects to the computer through the USB interface and features a 58" fabric covered cable for maximum durability.

Note that the keys produce an audible click when they bottom out, so this keyboard is noisier than your typical membrane keyboard. However, many gamers and typists actually prefer the audible feedback and find it to help maintain faster typing speeds.


  • Uses Cherry Red MX switches
  • Gold plated switch contacts
  • Switches rated for over 50 million keystrokes
  • 2 mm keyswitch actuation distance, 4 mm full throw distance
  • Requires only 45 grams actuation force
  • Red LED backlighting for each key
  • Includes 2-port USB 2.0 hub
  • Convenient connections for headset and mic
  • Supports 5 sets of 50 macros each
  • Cylindrical shaped keytops
  • Soft-touch rubberized surface
  • Includes attachable wrist rest
  • Includes media key functions for controlling playback of multimedia content

IMPORTANT! Although the keyboard includes a keycap puller and four orange replacement keycaps, note that broken keycaps or broken switch key stems, caused by replacement of the keycaps, are NOT covered by the warranty. Therefore, extreme care should be taken when removing and replacing the keycaps.

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