PS01 175/50R15 SL Touring Tire


Presa PS01. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Summer weather traction Enhanced controllability Longer lasting tread life Reduced road noise levels. OVERVIEW: The Presa PS01 is a touring summer tire manufactured for passenger vehicles.The tire promotes excellent summer weather traction and road gripping ability. The symmetric tread design and the special tire compound work together to enhance the dry and wet weather traction. This tire model is not meant to be used in winter weather conditions as the tire compound loses its flexibility in colder temperatures. The four wide circumferential grooves actively resist hydroplaning by eliminating water from beneath the tires footprint. This, along with the superb traction, ensures a safer summer weather driving experience.The model guarantees great controllability. The tread designs ribs keep the tire close to the road surface which enables a better driving stability and a faster steering responsiveness. The tires structure is stabilized against the driving pressure, while the steering becomes quicker and more precise in its response to the drivers instructions. The models optimal structure is maintained at all times. The internal structure features a jointless spiral-wrapped nylon cap and edge ply to prevent the tires shape from deforming under the driving pressure. The enhanced controllability and upgraded tire shape ensure a more secure drive.The tire offers a long lasting tread life. The special tire rubber compound and the optimized tread pattern lengthen the tread life by evenly distributing the driving pressure across the tread area. The equally spread out forces of acceleration, cornering and braking avoid irregular tread wear formations across the tires surface. The extended tread life and tire usability make the tire more cost efficient as well.The PS01 reduces the road noise heard in the vehicles cabin. The symmetric tread design manages to decrease the road and pattern noise generated while the tires are in motion. The tread design channels the soundwaves through the tires footprint without letting them come into contact with the tread elements. This results in lowered road noise levels, providing a more comfortable driving experience.

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