Repair Service 1999 Mercedes CLK430 ECM ECU PCM Engine Control Module

$549.00 $299.00

This part (1999 99 Mercedes CLK430 ECM ECU PCM Engine Control Module) is compatible with:- 1999 Mercedes CLK430Please Note:If your part is not listedCall 1-888-875-2958(We’ll probably have it in-stock offline)This listing covers all motor sizes,transmissions,and emissions types.Plug-and-Play Module Information:You can install this module and start driving the minute you receive it. Your mileage and VIN have already been calculated into this piece. To make it easier, Dodge has also installed the latest updates.How the Plug-and-Play Module works:1. You send us your payment.2. We ship off your new module.3. Use the pre-paid return label included with your order to send back your old computer.4. Once we receive your old computer, the one year warranty for your new module will kick in.

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