Smartwax Wheel & Rim Cleaner Gel – 80301

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Wheel & Rim Cleaner Gel is ideal for all rims and wheels. The unmatched and unique gel formula clings to the wheels cleaning fast. The increased time in contact with the wheel allows the Gel to continuously break down road grime break dust grease and grime.Safe for all rims and wheels simply spray on and wait while it loosens lifting contaminants away from the surface. Highly concentrated always dilute as needed. Get the most out of your cleaning efforts with safe and easy to use Smart Wheel & Rim Cleaner Gel. smart use great for all wheels and rimsremove corrosive brake dust from wheelscan be diluted for various cleaning needs wheel & rim cleanerwheel & rim cleaner highly effective wheel cleaner that safely removes brake dust oxidation oil dirt and rust without brushingdissolves grease without the risk of damaging the wheelspray-on wipe off no scrubbing necessary.perfect for pressure washing and parts cleaning always dilute first for desire

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