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Simple on the outside, highly-advanced on the inside: Withings Go is perfect for anyone ready to start tracking their activity. This sporty activity tracker automatically recognizes your actions without having to start/stop activity sessions. That's right – get credit for every step and workout session automatically. The Go tracks your walks, runs, swims, and even your sleep efficiency. The Go display always shows how active you've been each day, and how far your are from your daily goal. The energy-saving E Ink screen reads perfectly in all conditions. Bright sunlight and water? No problem. You'll always see your activity progress. Download the free Health Mate app to sync the Withings Go to your smartphone and view your progress and access in-depth metrics. The Health Mate app also provides a food log to help integrate daily nutrition and activity for a complete and visual record of calories consumed verses calories burned. Each Go tracker comes with a wristband and a clip so you can decide on the look and feel that works for you. You can wear the clip on your belt or in your pocket for daily step tracking.


  • Daily tracking of steps and sleep efficiency
  • Automatic run and swim workout tracking, no need to start/stop an activity tracking session
  • Up to 8-month battery life = NO CHARGING NECESSARY! Withings Go works on a simple button cell, no cord, no need to recharge, stopping you!
  • E Ink Technology – The screen is always on but conserves energy. Bright sunlight and water? No problem. E Ink is highly legible in any condition.
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters – From the automatic swim tracking to showering to a sudden rainstorm.
  • Wristband and clip – decide how you want to wear your tracker throughout the day: on your wrist, on your belt, or in your pocket.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Sleep analysis
  • 316L stainless steel frame
  • Button cell battery – NO CHARGING NECESSARY!
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